Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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The Technical Service Division (TSD) of WRIC providing Laboratory instrument repairing services has well-equipped test and repair facilities, including Soldering / Desoldering Station, Digital Oscilloscopes etc. It undertakes repairs and maintenance services for Electronic, Analytical, Biological, Microprocessor-based and other measuring instruments.
The main beneficiary of these maintenance services are the U.G. and P.G. colleges in various Universities, University Departments, R&D institutions & industries in the country. First category of services is through direct in-house services & is basically restricted to colleges and various departments of University of Mumbai & SNDT University. A variety of laboratory instruments are regularly collected from these institutions and repaired in WRIC at nominal repair charges so as to cover the cost of the components used. This has helped the colleges to reduce the down time of the instruments considerably which has improved the working of their laboratories. This activity has also helped the students and teachers in their laboratory courses. This type of service makes use of all available infrastructure of the Centre.
The following laboratory instruments and equipment are repaired routinely:
Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments
  • Digital And Analog Multimeters
  • Linear Power Supplies (All types)
  • Signal Generators
  • Frequency Counters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Oscilloscope Calibrators
  • Digital Electronics Kits
  • Milli / Micro Ohm Meter
  • Panel Meters
  • LCR Bridges
  • Decade Resistance Boxes
  • Wattmeter AC/DC
  • Microprocesser Kits
  • Electronic trainers
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