Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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List of Machineries and Tools
1. Glass blowing Lathe (Double Chuck) 

Glass-blowing shop

  • Ligbig condenser
  • Coil Condenser
  • Double surface condenser
  • Separating Funnel
  • Iodine Flask
  • Round bottom flask
  • Flat bottom flask
  • Columns
  • Automatic burettes  
  • Conical flask
Following instruments are undertaken for fabrication and repair in
This section undertakes various repair and fabrication of all types of borosil and quartz apparatus, which are mainly used in College and University laboratories. This section also conducts training programme on glass blowing techniques WRIC and other colleges / Universities.  

2. Glass blowing burners  

3. Glass cutting Machine  

4. Surface grinding Machine  

5. Ground Joint Machine  


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