Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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WRIC is providing Training, R&D and repairing services in the fields of Electronic, optical instrumentation apart frocomputer maintenance services.

There's siginficant increase in the usage of technology and instrumentation in the field of health sector necessitating in creation of separate biomedical engineering division in Engineering colleges , Hospitals and medical colleges. As the most of the biomedical instruments are of life saving in nature, it requires huge number of skilled and trained staff to handle and maintain these instruments.

WRIC on it's part established Biomedical instrumentation division in 1997. Main activities of this division are providing training on operational and preventive maintenance of biomedical instruments for technical staff of engineering and medical colleges and healthcare institutes, R&D  in developing new or modifying existing biomedical instruments.

 R & D projects completed:
  • Alertness monitoring system.
  • Neonatal Baby incubator.
  • Teachers Training module for demonstration of physiological signals such as ECG, EMG, EEG.
  • Timers/counters.
  • Arrhythmia monitoring system.

Training programs plans for Biomedical Instrumentation:

Target groups:

  • Teachers in Biomedical/Instrumentation polytechnics.
  • Technical staff: lab assistants/demonstrators in engineering & polytechnics.
  • Technical staff: lab assistants/demonstrators in medical/pharmacy/life scien


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