Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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Western Regional Instrumentation Centre, Mumbai, is an autonomous institution funded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi. It has been functioning as a Registered Society with a Governing Council of which the Vice-Chancellor of University of Mumbai is ex-officio the Chairperson. WRIC acts as a resource centre in instrumentation for more than 70 University Science Instrumentation Centres spread all over India. The overall impact of Centre’s activities during the last 20 years has been to further the UGC’s efforts in creating adequate, self-supporting infrastructure in the Indian universities by way of providing instrumentation development, maintenance and measurement services to the academics in higher education system. WRIC is a Founder Member of the World Federation of Technology Organizations (WFTO).

The objective frame of the Centre was:

  • To train resource personnel with a view to generating technical cadre in USICs and colleges under the universities.
  • To provide servicing and maintenance facilities to sophisticated instruments.
  • To design and develop new teaching aids with the help of teachers of ULP and COSIP and others and work out mechanism for their dispersal in higher educational system.
  • To transform the latest developments in instrumentation in research laboratories and other institutions in the country so as to make them suitable for use in the higher educational system.
  • To conduct R&D programs in instrumentation of interest to the higher educational system and to the other sectors such as industry, research laboratories etc.
  • To interact with industry, research laboratories and other sections of the society in the interest of development and growth of science and technology of instrumentation.
  • To provide updated technical information, to produce source material for training and to disseminate information on the latest development in instrumentation to the universities and colleges.
  • To render analytical services on sophisticated equipment to the universities.
The organizational set-up of the Centre for carrying out its activities in furtherance of these objectives and in response to the requirements of changing times, comprises of : 
Technical Services Division (TSD) - Repairs, maintenance, and calibration of instruments Mechanical workshop facility 
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