Western Regional Instrumentation Center(WRIC)
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WRIC routinely conducts training programmes in diverse areas of instrumentation for teachers and technical staff of colleges, university departments and USICs in the country and is one of the major activities of the Training & Education Division (TED). This has resulted into a great interaction between WRIC and various academic institutes and industries that has benefitted all. The Centre perceives its training programme in instrumentation in the form of enabling technology with hardware being the main component. Basic underlying idea of conducting short term training programme is to increase the productivity of individuals at their workplace by giving specific & direct inputs coupled with the focus on quality to foster a culture of continuous learning & growth.
The programme contents are chosen and structured to meet the needs of each of the target groups of science teachers, technicians and laboratory staff in universities and colleges, technical officers of the USICs, R&D supervisors, scientists, industrial technicians, analysts / operators.
Some of the salient features of the training programmes are intensive hands-on sessions, comprehensive documentation, flexibility, interactive methodology and periodic upgradation of programme contents. Instrument maintenance camps and trainers’ training programmes, etc. provide extensive opportunities to the participants resulting into the benefits to the institutions.
Major academic activities at Regional / all India level : 
  • Short-term courses for USIC staff.
  •  Need-based short-term training programmes for university, college teachers and laboratory staff.
  •  Orientation training programmes for college teachers whose institutions are implementing the UGC scheme for vocational subject of instrumentation at B.Sc. degree level.
  •  Refresher courses in instrumentation for USIC officers for fulfillment of UGC norms of career advancement.
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